Sensation and Perception

Faculty studying sensation and perception are concerned with how information-processing systems, be they biological or artificial, acquire and process sensory data to learn about the world around us. This broad topic is studied for a variety of sensory systems (e.g., Color Vision - Brainard ; Motion Perception - Stocker; Object and scene recognition - Aguirre, Epstein, Kahana, Rust; Audition - Cohen; Time Perception - Sternberg); Speech Perception (Dahan, Trueswell) and using a wide variety of experimental and theoretical approaches (e.g., Psychophysics in Human or Animal Models - Aguirre, Brainard, Cohen, Dahan, Rust, Sternberg, Stocker; Single Unit Recording - Cohen, Rust; Functional Brain Imaging - Aguirre, Epstein, Thompson-Schill; Computational Modeling - Brainard, Kahana, Rust, Sternberg, Stocker).  The study of sensation and perception at Penn is highly integrative, and faculty from a number of disciplines (Psychology, Neuroscience, Engineering, Physics, Philosophy, and Computer Science) interact regularly.

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Geoffrey Aguirre
Vijay Balasubramanian
David Brainard
Yale Cohen
Delphine Dahan
Russell Epstein
Harvey Grill
John Wesley Hutchinson
Michael Kahana
Nicole Rust
Saul Sternberg
Alan Stocker
Sharon Thompson-Schill
John Trueswell