Penn Undergraduate Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind. It deals with how we perceive information in the world, how we process that information, how we respond to it emotionally and cognitively, how we learn about it, and how our mental processes change over time. Because of the breadth of its content and its methodology, Psychology makes contact with a wide variety of other disciplines and interdisciplinary activities. It can be used either as the focus of a liberal arts education or as a complement to another focus. It provides the kind of analytic and conceptual skills which are relevant to becoming a thinking person. It also can serve as the foundation for any number of careers.

For information about Penn Undergraduate Psychology, please contact the Undergraduate Coordinator, Ms. Claire Ingulli.

Claire Ingulli, 215-898-4712

Levin Building, Room 120, 425 S. University Ave., Philadelphia PA 19104