After You Declare Your PSYC Major

Welcome to Psychology!

Please note: Starting Summer 2022 all PSYC courses will have a 4-digit course number.


A list of *LECTURE* Courses with their new numbers (1000- and 2000-level) can be found here:

4-digit numbers for PSYC Lecture Courses 

A list of Psychology *SEMINARS* with their new 4-digit numbers (3000-level) can be found here:

4-digit numbers for PSYC Seminars (3000-level)


Here are some valuable online resources about our major. Advising is available during office hours. Please contact us if you need any guidance. Please email an advisor below to set up an appointment.



For future reference, here is a link to our undergraduate handbook:

There is a Statistics (STAT) requirement in the PSYC major. We encourage students to complete this sooner rather than later, so please bear this in mind when selecting your courses for the future. The STAT requirement is a prerequisite for our research requirement. Most PSYC students complete the research requirement as a mentored research project in their Junior or Senior year. As you learn more about psychology through our faculty and your classes please keep this in the back of your mind. You may get to know a faculty member or take a course that piques your interest. You may want to pursue this lead for your upcoming research credit! There is plenty of information about this online, and we are happy to answer questions about this. Much of the online info emphasizes our mentored research option:  


If you are interested in the Honors Program, students apply in the Spring of their Junior year. If you intend to apply in the future, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the requirements and expectations:

If you plan to pursue study abroad, only two study abroad PSYC courses (2 cu) can count toward the PSYC major.

Here is a link to PUPS (Penn Undergraduate Psychology Society):