Distribution Courses

Distribution Requirement: Psychology majors take lecture courses which approach the various areas of the discipline in greater depth. Because Psychology is such a diverse discipline, majors distribute their core courses across three content areas to ensure broad coverage. These content areas are biological science, cognitive science, and social science. Majors are required to take a 100-level course in each area, as well as a subsequent course in each area (either 100- or 200-level). This totals six distribution courses. The available courses will change from time to time as new courses are added and others deleted, but the current courses are below:


Biological Science

Cognitive Science

Social Science


109 (Intro to Brain & Behavior)

111 (Perception)

162 (Abnormal Psychology)


127 (Physiology of Motivated Behavior)

151 (Language and Thought)

170 (Social Psychology)

149 (Cognitive Neuroscience)


159 (Memory)

159 (Memory)


181 (Intro to Developmental Psychology)

181 (Intro to Developmental Psychology)





217 (Visual Neuroscience)

207 (Intro to Cognitive Science)

253 (Judgment & Decision Making)


225 (Drugs, Brain, and Mind)

235 (Psychology of Language)

265 (Behavioral Econ & Psych)

231 (Evolution of Animal Behavior)

253 (Judgment & Decision Making)

266 (Positive Psychology)

239 (Neuroendocrinology)

259 (Human Memory)

280 (Social and Emotional Development)

247 (Neuroscience and Society)

265 (Behavioral Econ & Psych)


273 (Neuroeconomics)

273 (Neuroeconomics)



281 (Cognitive Development)








 N.B. Courses in italics are listed in more than one column, but can only be counted once

Information about the other requirements of the Psychology major can be found here.