Yale Cohen

Professor of Otorhinolaryngology
Professor of Bioengineering; Chair, Bioengineering Graduate Group; Director, Hearing Sciences Center; Chair, IACUC; Director, Office of Animal Welfare; Director, Hearing Sciences Center

Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

My research examines how the brain combines sensory, motor, and cognitive cues to form internal models of the external world. Specifically, my research interests focus on understanding the representation of auditory information in the cortex, how auditory information is integrated with cognitive processes such as attention, motor planning, or memory, and how auditory and visual information is combined to form unified sensory percepts.

Office Location: 
3400 Spruce Street 5 Ravdin Suite A - ORL
Research Interests: 

Neural Correlates of Auditory Cognition

Neural Correlates of Communication and Spatial Processing

Multimodal Perception