Information for Minors

Psychology Minor

The Minor in Psychology consists of 6 courses. It is intended to give the student a broad base in Psychology without the commitment to the full course load of the major. The requirements are therefore comparable to those of the major in type but reduced in number.

To declare a Psychology Minor you should email or meet with Ms. Claire Ingulli, Undergraduate Coordinator

(Levin Building, Room 120, 425 South University Ave.)

Consumer Psychology Minor

The goal of the interschool Consumer Psychology Minor is to create a program that fosters the natural link between Psychology in the College and Marketing in Wharton. To fulfill the minor, students must complete four courses from the Psychology department in SAS and four courses from the Marketing department in Wharton. Click below for more information.


More information on the Psychology Minor and Minor in Consumer Psychology.


Transfer Credit

Courses taken by Penn students in an approved study abroad program or by transfer students prior to their enrollment at Penn may be approved for credit in Psychology.

Credit Away

Students may take one credit away PSYC course for the psychology or consumer psychology minor. You must submit your course request through xcat.