Students are required to take four electives. Students are welcome to take any undergraduate Psychology courses from the 100- to 400- level as electives. There are also options for up to two cognate electives (see below).

Distribution courses (100- and 200- level courses): Students often select addition distribution courses as electives.

Individual scholarly research credits (PSYC299): Students may take PSYC299 as an elective. In this seminar-of-one, a student completes a set of directed readings, meets regularly with the supervisor to discuss these readings, and writes a critical paper addressing some topic(s) covered by these readings. It is the student's responsibility to arrange their scholarly research credit with a Penn Psychology faculty member. This course does not satisfy the research credit requirement.

Research experience courses: These courses give students the opportunity to conduct research in a setting that emphasizes group work. These courses are rare, and enrollment may be through individual application. 

Independent Studies (PSYC399): Students are permitted a maximum of two PSYC399 credits in the Psychology major. Many students earn one PSYC399 completing the research requirement, and then a subsequent PSYC399 credit can count as a Psychology major elective. Additional PSYC399 credits will count as electives in the College.

Seminars (400-level courses): Students are encouraged to take our seminars. These are our highly popular small, discussion-based courses. While it may be challenging to enroll in these given their small size, students are encouraged to attempt enrollment every semester, bearing in mind there is a preference for seniority.

Cognate electives: There are a number of courses from other departments that are permitted to count toward the Psychology major as electives. You are permitted a maximum of two cognate electives counting toward your major. Please note these courses are not necessarily offered frequently, and it is your responsibility to take any prerequisites or related course to be prepared for these courses. The cognate electives are: ANTH 104, ASAM 170, BIBB 240, BIBB 350, BIBB 421, BIBB 430, BBB 469, BIBB 470, BIBB 480, BIBB 482, CRIM 270, ECON 13, EDU 235, EDU 241, EDU 251, EDU 345, LING 104, LING 270, LING504, PHIL 423, PHIL 426, STAT 102, STAT 112. If there is a course in another department that you would like to petition as a cognate elective, please email a rationale of how this course complements your undergraduate education with a PDF of the syllabus to dus@psych.upenn.edu.

Statistics: Students are permitted to take a maximum of two statistics courses counting toward the Psychology major- one fulfilling the Statistics requirement, and one as a cognate elective. Students considering graduate school are encouraged to take an advanced statistics elective (as a cognate elective described above). If you are unsure of which advanced statistics course is appropriate, please contact Claire Ingulli.