For General Inquiries:

Department of Psychology
University of Pennsylvania
425 S. University Ave, Stephen A. Levin Bldg.
Philadelphia, PA, 19104-6241
U. S. A.
Phone number of department: 215-898-7300
Fax: 215-573-3226


Inquiries about the Undergraduate Program:

Ms. Claire Ingulli, Program Coordinator, 215-898-4712

Dr. Dan Swingley, Director of Undergraduate Studies, 215-898-5663


Inquiries about the Graduate Program:

Mr. Paul Newlon, Graduate & Research Coordinator, 215-746-7328

Dr. Sara Jaffee, Director of Graduate Studies, 215-746-4566


Department Chair

Dr. Sharon Thompson-Schill, 215-898-6230



Category or item Send email to:
Requests for a purchase order
Questions about reimbursements (including for lab supplies)
Assistance in setting up a visitor to the Psychology department (visiting Scholar, etc.), including J-1/ H-1 visas
Post-doc appointments and reappointments
Computer & IT Services


Building & Maintenance issues

Solomon Labs

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Website/ Listserv updates