Statistics Requirement

Inferential statistics are important for understanding and conducting research in Psychology. Each Psychology major is required to take an approved Statistics course. This requirement is a prerequisite for the research requirement. 

The following courses fulfill the statistics requirement in the Psychology Major: 

 STAT 1010, STAT 1020, STAT 1110, STAT 1120, STAT 4310, BIOL 2510, ECON 2300, SOCI 2010, NURS 2300, ANTH 3454, CRIM 1200, ENM 3750

Students are permitted to take a maximum of two statistics courses counting toward the Psychology major- one fulfilling the Statistics requirement and one as a cognate elective. Students considering graduate school are encouraged to take an advanced statistics course as a cognate elective. If you are unsure of which advanced statistics course is appropriate, please contact Claire Ingulli.