Clinical Program Committee

  • Dianne Chambless - Clinical Faculty Emerita

  • Robert DeRubeis - Core Clinical Faculty

  • Philip Gehrman - Clinical Graduate Group Faculty

  • Melissa Hunt - Associate Director of Clinical Training

  • Sara Jaffee - Core Clinical Faculty

  • Barbara Mellers - Department Faculty
  • Ayelet Meron Ruscio - Director of Clinical Training

  • Martin Seligman - Core Clinical Faculty
  • Rebecca Waller - Core Clinical Faculty

The Clinical Program Committee consists of the five tenure-track core clinical faculty (Drs. DeRubeis, Jaffee, Ruscio, Seligman, and Waller), the Associate Director of Clinical Training (Dr. Melissa Hunt), one non-clinical faculty member from the department (Dr. Barbara Mellers), one clinical faculty member from outside the department who is a member of the Psychology Graduate Group (Dr. Philip Gehrman), and a former Director of Clinical Training who serves in an advisory capacity (Dr. Dianne Chambless). Each year the clinical students elect a non-voting student representative to the committee as well. 

Dr. Ruscio is the Director of Clinical Training and leads the clinical training program. Dr. Hunt serves as Associate Director of Clinical Training and is responsible for much of the day-to-day administration of the program. In this capacity, Dr. Hunt meets with all of the clinical students regularly, helps them obtain appropriate practicum placements, and serves as a liaison between students and their off-site supervisors. The Clinical Program Committee as a whole oversees the clinical training program; and helps to ensure that policies of the program are consistent with broader departmental policies and goals. The program committee also bears responsibility for helping students complete the program when special circumstances arise; or when students encounter difficulties with any aspect of their doctoral training.