Length of Program and Program Costs

Because clinical students must meet all of the general requirements as well as the additional clinical components of their training, clinical students typically require five years to finish the program, in addition to the year of full time internship. Since 2000, 6% of graduates of the clinical training program have completed all of their requirements (including the pre-doctoral internship and the Ph.D.) in 5 years, 68% have completed the requirements in 6 years, 23% have completed the requirements in 7 years, and another 2% have taken more than 7 years.  Consistently over the last two decades the mean, the median and the modal time to completion have all been 6 years. See Student Admissions, Outcomes and Other Data for more detail about time to completion of the program in recent cohorts.  

All students are fully funded for their first five years. The support covers full tuition and a stipend of at least $32,000 per year.  This is a stipend for full-time work for 12 months, and students can do no substantial outside work for pay.  Every year a serious effort is made to increase the stipend. Regardless of the source of support, all students have the same opportunities and must meet the same requirements. All students are expected to play an active role in the undergraduate teaching functions of the Department. The department does not guarantee funding beyond the fifth year. However, most clinical students have no difficulty obtaining funding through a combination of teaching, grants and other independent funding sources.