Memory and Learning

A number of researchers at Penn have strong interests in memory and learning. Issues being addressed include the the neural basis of spatial memory (EpsteinGottfriedKahana), episodic memory (Kahana), and working memory (Thompson-Schill, Trueswell), the nature of perceptual and semantic knowledge representations (AguirreGottfriedSternbergSwingley, Thompson-Schill, Trueswell), the dynamics of memory search (Kahana, Sternberg), the role of attention in memory and learning (Thompson-Schill), the dynamics of language learning (Swingley, Trueswell) and the way in which new associations are stored and retrieved (GottfriedKahana).

Approaches include behavioral and cognitive methods, computational modeling (Kahana, Sternberg), and brain recordings (Aguirre, EpsteinGottfriedKahana, Thompson-Schill).  For additional information about specific labs, please consult the faculty/lab webpages and/or contact the individual investigators.

Geoffrey Aguirre
Vijay Balasubramanian
Russell Epstein
Jay Gottfried
John Wesley Hutchinson
Michael Kahana
Martin Seligman
Saul Sternberg
Daniel Swingley
Sharon Thompson-Schill
John Trueswell
Lyle H. Ungar