Sudeep Bhatia

Assistant Professor
BA, Philosophy, Economics, Tufts University;
Ph.D., Behavioral Decision Research, Carnegie Mellon University


Office Location: 
Solomon Labs, 3720 Walnut Street, Room D22
Research Interests: 

Judgment and Decision Making; Computational and Mathematical Modeling of Cognition

Research Synopsis:

I study the cognitive basis of human judgment and decision making with the use of mathematical and computational models. There are two interrelated components of my research program. The first involves understanding how people sample and aggregate information in order to form preferences and beliefs: I extend psychological research on perceptual decision making and memory retrieval to explain behavioral findings in domains such as multiattribute choice, risky choice, and probability judgment. The second component involves specifying the information that is sampled and aggregated in order to form preferences and beliefs. Particularly, I apply methodological insights from semantic memory research and computational linguistics to uncover knowledge representations for objects, attributes, and events that are the focus of everyday judgment and decision tasks.

With progress in both these areas, I aim to build models of judgment and decision making that know what people know and use knowledge in the way people use knowledge. These models should be able to deliberate over and respond to a large variety of everyday decision problems, and moreover, mimic human responses to these problems.


Professor Sudeep Bhatia will be considering new graduate students for admission for Fall 2022.


Selected Publications: 

Bhatia, S., Richie, R, & Zou, W. (2019). Distributed semantic representations for modelling human judgment. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 29, 31-36.

He, L., Golman, R. & Bhatia, S. (2019). Variable time preference. Cognitive Psychology. 111, 53-79.

Bhatia, S. & Pleskac, T. (2019). Preference accumulation as a process model of desirability ratings. Cognitive Psychology, 109, 47-67.

Bhatia, S. (in press). Predicting risk perception: New insights from data science. Management Science.

Bhatia, S. & Stewart, N. (2018). Naturalistic multiattribute choice. Cognition, 179, 71-88.

Bhatia, S. & Loomes, G. (2017). Noisy preferences in risky choice: A cautionary note. Psychological Review, 124(5), 678-687.

Bhatia, S. (2017). Associative judgment and vector space semantics. Psychological Review, 124(1), 1-20. 

Bhatia, S. (2017). The semantic representation of prejudice and stereotypes. Cognition., 164(1), 46-60.

Bhatia, S. & Mullet, T. (2016). The dynamics of deferred decision. Cognitive Psychology, 86(7), 112-151.

Bhatia, S. (2013). Associations and the accumulation of preference. Psychological Review, 120(3), 522-543.


Courses Taught: 
PSYC 265: Behavioral Economics and Psychology of Choice
PPE 475: Modelling Choice Behavior


Ada Aka [Psychology Graduate Student]
Wenjia Zhao [Psychology Graduate Student]
Wanling Zou [Psychology Graduate Student]
Lisheng He [Postdoctoral Researcher]
Russell Richie [Postdoctoral Researcher]