Steven Fluharty

Dean of School of Arts & Sciences

PhD, Psychology, University of Pennsylvania

Office Location: 
1 College Hall, Suite 116, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6303
Research Interests: 
Behavioral Neuroscience
Specific Research Areas: 

Regulation of neuropeptide receptor gene expression and signal transduction in cultured neuronal cells and behaving animals

Selected Publications: 

Sakai, R.R., Yang, X.D., He, P.F., Ma, L.Y., Guo, Y.F., Reilly, J.R., Moga, C.N. and Fluharty, S.J. Inhibition of receptor expression and behavioral actions of angiotensin II by intracerebroventricular AT1 receptor antisense oligonucleotides. Journal of Neurochemistry 62:2053-2056, 1994.

Reagan, L.P., Flanagan-Cato, L.M., Yee, D.K., Ma, L.Y., Sakai, R.R. and Fluharty, S.J. Immunohistochemical mapping of angiotensin Type 2 (AT2) receptors in rat brain. Brain Research 662:45-59, 1994.

Fluharty, S.J., Reagan, L.P., He, P.F. and Yee, D.K. Heterogeneity of neuronal angiotensin type 2 (AT2) receptors. In: M. Raizada, M.I. Philips, C. Sumners (eds) Recent Advances in Angiotensin Receptors pp 138-149, 1996.