Barbara E. Kahn

Patty and Jay H. Baker Professor of Marketing

BA, University of Rochester

MBA, MPhil, Ph.D., Columbia University

Office Location: 
700 Jon M. Huntsman Building, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Research Interests: 

Decision Processes

Selected Publications: 

Townsend, C. and B. E. Kahn (2014), “The “Visual Preference Heuristic:” The Influence of Visual versus Verbal Depiction on Assortment Processing, Perceived Variety, and Choice Overload,” Journal of Consumer Research, February, 40(5), 993-1015.

Sevilla, J. and B. E. Kahn (2014), “The Effect of Product Shape Completeness on Size Perceptions, Preference and Consumption,” Journal of Marketing Research, LI (February), 57-68.

Deng, X, B. E. Kahn, R. Unnava, and H. Lee (2016),  “A ‘Wide’ Variety: The Effects of Horizontal vs. Vertical Product Display,” Journal of Marketing Research, 53 (5), 682-698.

Sevilla, J, J. Zhang and B. E. Kahn (2016), “Anticipation of Future Variety Reduces Satiation from Current Experiences,” Journal of Marketing Research, 53 (6), 954-968.

Kahn, B. E. (2017), “Using Visual Design to Improve Customer Perceptions of Online Assortments, Journal of Retailing, 93 (March), 29-42.