Anna Papafragou

Professor of Linguistics

BA, University of Athens

Ph.D., University College London

Office Location: 
3401-C Walnut Street, Third Floor, Room 328C
Research Interests: 

Language and Communication

Developmental Psychology

Memory and Learning

Specific Research Areas:

Word learning; the development of communication; language processing in children and adults; cross-linguistic perspectives on the language-cognition interface


Professor Anna Papafragou will be considering new graduate students for admission for Fall 2024.


Selected Publications: 

Ip, M., & Papafragou, A. (2022). The pragmatics of accents: The social costs and benefits of being a non-native speaker. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Language, Memory and Cognition.

Ji, Y., & Papafragou, A. (2022). Boundedness in event cognition: Viewers spontaneously represent the temporal texture of events. Journal of Memory and Language.

Mathis, A., & Papafragou, A. (2022). Agents’ goals affect construal of event endpoints. Journal of Memory and Language.

Do, M., Papafragou, A., & Trueswell, J. (2022). Encoding motion events during language production: Effects of audience design and conceptual salience. Cognitive Science, 46, e13077.

Papafragou, A., Trueswell, J.C., & Gleitman, L.R. (eds.) (2021). The Oxford Handbook of the Mental Lexicon. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Ünal, E., Richards, K., Trueswell, J., & Papafragou, A. (2021). Representing Agents, Patients, Goals and Instruments in causative events: A cross-linguistic investigation of early language and cognition. Developmental Science.

Fairchild, S., & Papafragou, A. (2021). The role of executive function and theory of mind in pragmatic computations. Cognitive Science, 45, e12938.

Fairchild, S., Mathis, A., & Papafragou, A. (2020). Pragmatics and social meaning: Understanding under-informativeness in native and non-native speakers. Cognition, 200, 104171.

Ji, Y. & Papafragou, A. (2020). Is there an end in sight? Viewers' sensitivity to abstract event structure. Cognition, 197, 104197.

Saratsli, D., Bartell, S., & Papafragou, A. (2020). Cross-linguistic frequency and the learnability of semantics: Artificial language learning studies of evidentiality. Cognition, 197, 104194.

Kampa, A. & Papafragou, A. (2020). Four-year-olds incorporate speaker knowledge into pragmatic inferences. Developmental Science, 23, e12920.

Grigoroglou, M., & Papafragou, A. (2019). Children’s (and adults') production adjustments to generic and particular listener needs. Cognitive Science.