Adrianna (Anna) Jenkins

Assistant Professor
BA, Dartmouth College
MA, Harvard University
Ph.D., Harvard University
Office Location: 
Room D9A, Solomon Labs, 3720 Walnut Street
Research Interests: 
Cognitive Neuroscience
Social Cognition
Decision Processes


Specific Research Areas:

Social cognition and its relationship to other cognitive systems; contributions of the prefrontal cortex to social and non-social decision-making; psychological and neural mechanisms of uncertainty reduction in social and future-oriented thought; contextual flexibility in human behavior.


Professor Anna Jenkins will not be considering new graduate students for admission for Fall 2024.


Selected Publications: 

(For a full list of publications, see the website.)  
Plate, R., Ham, H., & Jenkins, A.C. (in press). When uncertainty in social contexts increases exploration and decreases obtained rewards. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.
Berkay, D. & Jenkins, A.C. (2023). A role for uncertainty in the neural distinction between social and nonsocial thought. Perspectives on Psychological Science. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 18(2), 491-502.
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Kobayashi, K., Kable, J.W., Hsu, M. & Jenkins, A.C. (2022). Neural representations of others’ traits predict social decisions. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, 119(22), e2116944119.
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