Uri Simonsohn

Professor of Operations and Information Management

BA, Economics, Universidad Catolica de Chile

Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University

Office Location: 
548 Huntsman Hall
CV (file): 
Research Interests: 

Decision Processes



Selected Publications: 

Simonsohn, U., Nelson, L., Simmons, J. (in press) “P-curve: A Key to the File-Drawer,” Journal of Experimental Psychology: General

Simonsohn, U. (in press) “It Really Just Does Not Follow, Comments on Francis (2013),” Journal of Mathematical Psychology

Simonsohn, U. (in press) "Just Post it: The Lesson from Two Cases of Fabricated Data Detected by Statistics Alone," Psychological Science

Simonsohn U., Gino, F. (2013) “Daily Horizons: Evidence of Narrow Bracketing in Judgment from 10 years of MBA-admission Interviews,” Psychological Science, V24(2), 219-224

Simonsohn U. (2012) “It Does not Follow: Evaluating the One-Off Publication Bias Critiques by Francis (2012,a,b,c,d,e,f),” Perspectives on Psychological Science, V7(6) 597-599

Saiz, A. & Simonsohn U. (2013) "Proxying for Unobservable Variables with Internet Document Frequency”, Journal of the European Economic Association, V11(1) 137-165

Nelson L., Simmons J., Simonsohn U. (2012) "Let's Publish Fewer Papers," Psychological Inquiry, V23(3), 291-2932

* Simmons J., Nelson L., Simonsohn, U. (2011) “False-Positive Psychology: Undisclosed

Flexibility in Data Collection and Analysis Allow Presenting Anything as Significant,” Psychological Science, V22(11), 1359-1366

Simonsohn U. (2011) “Spurious Also? Name Similarity Effects (Implicit Egotism) in Employer Decisions”, Psychological Science, V22(8), 1087-1089

Courses Taught: 

OPIM290:  Decision Processes

OPIM/MGMT 690:  Managerial Decision Making

OPIM900:  Decision Porcesses and Behavioral Economics