Paul Crits-Christoph

Professor of Psychiatry

BA, University of Pennsylvania

Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Yale University

His primary interests are in the process and outcome of psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral treatments for anxiety, affective and personality disorders, psychosocial treatments for substance use disorders, and methodological and statistical issues in treatment research. More recently he has been focusing on research on treatments for depression and substance use disorders in community settings.


Office Location: 
3535 Market Street, Room 650
Research Interests: 

Psychopathology and Psychotherapy

Specific Research Areas:

Process and outcome of psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral treatments for anxiety

Affective and personality disorders

Psychosocial treatments for substance use disorders

Methodological and statistical issues in treatment research


Professor Paul Crits-Christoph will not be considering new graduate students for admission for Fall 2021.


Selected Publications: 

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