Declaring a Psychology Major

Students typically declare their Psychology major in their sophomore year. Please complete these three steps:

  1. Contact your pre-major advisor or a College advisor to make your online worksheet* official.
  2. Complete a Psychology Major Planning Sheet. You can access this here. or click on the Forms link.
  3. Contact a member of the Psychology undergraduate advising team in the Levin Building:          

During the remainder of the Spring semester advising will be available through email and telephone calls during regular office hours (see schedule below).  Students can email an advisor with the topic they would like to discuss, along with a phone number if you want an advisor to call you, and we will reply or call you back within our scheduled office hours.  We will make every effort to reply in a timely manner, however if a student emails an advisor outside of regular office hours they may have to wait until the next scheduled office hours for a response.   

Summer 2020 virtual office hours:


Dr. Liz Brannon Director of Undergraduate Studies (

By appointment only.


Dr. Caroline Connolly Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies (

By appointment only.


Ms. Claire Ingulli Undergraduate Coordinator (

M-F, 10:00am-5:00pm


*This worksheet is used by you and your advisors to identify your academic progress. This worksheet is populated with your course history, and current courses are automatically added. Once your online worksheet is made official, you cannot modify it, but your advisors in the College and Psychology Advising office are happy to help you organize this when needed.