Barbara Mellers

I. George Heyman University Professor
BA, Psychology, University of California, Berkeley;
PhD, Psychology, University of Illinois
Office Location: 
Solomon Labs, 3720 Walnut St, Room C1
CV (file): 
Research Interests: 
Decision Processes
Specific Research Areas: 

Behavioral Decision Theory, Emotions; Fairness; Preference Measurement ; Policy Implications

Research Synopsis: 

I am interested in how people develop beliefs, formulate preferences, and arrive at choices, I have focused on human decisions that deviate from rational or normative principles due to fairness concerns, anticipated emotions, contextual effects, or response mode effects. I use laboratory studies to manipulate and control variables that inform us about underlying processes. I am also interested in how behavioral decision making can shape better public policy.



Courses Taught: 
PSYC 253 Judgments and Decisions
PSYC 600 (proseminar) Judgments and Decisions