Sudeep Bhatia

Assistant Professor
BA, Philosophy, Economics, Tufts University;
Ph.D., Behavioral Decision Research, Carnegie Mellon University


Office Location: 
Solomon Labs, 3720 Walnut Street, Room D22
Research Interests: 

Judgment and Decision Making; Computational and Mathematical Modeling of Cognition

Research Synopsis:

I study preferential choice using insights from psychology and economics. I am particularly interested in understanding how people learn, represent and retrieve information about the choice alternatives available to them, and how this information affects their final decisions. I also study the cognitive basis of intuitive judgment, again with a focus on understanding the mechanisms involved in representing relevant information in these types of judgments. My work uses mathematical and computational cognitive models, and tests the predictions of these models with behavioral experiments.


Professor Sudeep Bhatia will be considering new graduate students for admission for Fall 2018.


Selected Publications: 
Bhatia, S. & Loomes, G. (in press). Noisy preferences in risky choice: A cautionary note. Psychological Review.
Bhatia, S. (2017). The semantic representation of prejudice and stereotypes. Cognition., 164(1), 46-60
Bhatia, S. (2017). Associative judgment and vector space semantics. Psychological Review, 124(1), 1-20.
Bhatia, S. & Walasek, L. (2016). Event construal and temporal distance in natural language. Cognition, 152(6). 1-8
Bhatia, S. & Mullet, T. (2016). The dynamics of deferred decision. Cognitive Psychology, 86(7), 112-151.
Bhatia, S. (2014). Sequential sampling and paradoxes of risky choice. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 21(5), 1095-1111.
Bhatia, S. (2013). Associations and the accumulation of preference. Psychological Review, 120(3), 522-543.
Courses Taught: 
PSYC 265: Behavioral Economics and Psychology of Choice
PPE 475: Modelling Choice Behavior


Wenjia Zhao [Psychology Graduate Student]