Current Graduate Students

You are invited to e-mail any of our current graduate students if you have questions about the nature of the training program here or would like to get first hand information about some aspect of the program. The student's advisor is listed in parentheses. It is worth noting that clinical students may choose as their primary advisor any of the faculty within the graduate group. This includes regular departmental faculty whose primary interests are not necessarily clinical, but who have overlapping interests or special skills that make them a good match for that particular student. It also includes members of the Graduate Group whose interests and research are in the clinical area, but whose primary appointment is elsewhere in the University (e.g., Psychiatry).


Due to COVID 19 and Budget Constraints we were unable to admit incoming classes in 2020 and 2021.

However, we are eagerly accepting applications for an incoming class to enroll in the fall of 2022.


Third Year Students (Enrolled in Fall 2019)

Max Genecov (Martin Seligman) 

Samiha Islam (Sara Jaffee)

Olivia Larson (David Dinges)

Cassidy McDermott (Allyson Mackey)

Samantha Perlstein (Becky Waller)

Akash Wasil (Rob DeRubeis)


Fourth Year Students (Enrolled in Fall 2018)

Austin Boroshok (Allyson Mackey)

Min Kang (Joe Kable)

Thomas Kim (Rob DeRubeis)

Simone Schriger (Rinad Beidas)


Fifth Year Students (Enrolled in Fall 2017)

Anika Kahn (Sara Jaffee)

Elizabeth (Betsy) Wade (Ayelet Meron Ruscio)

Leah Wang (Bob Schultz)


Sixth Year Students (Enrolled in Fall 2016)

Rivka Cohen (Ayelet Ruscio)

Anna Franklin (Ayelet Ruscio) (on internship 2021-2022)

Briana Last (Rinad Beidas) (on internship 2021-2022)