Clinical Associates and Supervisors

The following individuals have special departmental appointments as either clinical associates (who serve a 3-year term) or clinical supervisors (who generally serve a 1-year term). These individuals are not members of the department's graduate group, but are an integral part of our clinical training program. Often, they coordinate off-site practica and provide individual and group supervision to our clinical students. They also serve as guest speakers to clinical group meetings, and frequently offer their special expertise through clinical consultation and invited lectures. As a group, they reflect the breadth and diversity that our clinical training program offers. We are grateful for their efforts on behalf of our students.

  • Judith Coché - Clinical Associate

  • Hilary Dingfelder - Clinical Associate

  • Alan Goldstein - Clinical Associate

  • Jenelle Nissley-Tsiopinis - Clinical Associate

  • Steven Sayers - Clinical Associate