Information for Majors

 For the class of 2012 and later see the major Undergraduate Handbook


Declaring the Major

Students should declare a major in their sophomore year. First meet with either your pre-major advisor or a College advisor to create or update an official online worksheet. To declare a Psychology Major you must meet with Dr. Daniel Swingley, Director of Undergraduate Studies (, Dr. Caroline Connolly, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies ( or Ms. Claire Ingulli, Undergraduate Coordinator. You must fill out a Psychology Major Worksheet and bring it with you to the meeting. See main undergraduate psychology program page for office hours. You can click on the "Forms" link at left to access the Psychology Major Worksheet.

The Undergraduate Psychology Office is located in Levin Building, Room 120, 425 South University Ave.



Commonly used forms for majors and minors are available online, see menu at left side of page.