Independent Study (PSYC399)

The Independent Study fulfills the research requirement in the Psychology major. Students may pursue one-semester or two-semester Independent Studies. Each semester earns one CU. Only two PSYC399 credits can count toward your Psychology Major. Any additional PSYC399 credits will count as electives in the College. Please read all relevant information on these web pages before proceeding with the application:


Independent Study Application:

Here is the Fall 2019 Independent Studies application. The deadline is September 10th, 2019:

The links above contain a PDF of all the questions in the application; students should bring this PDF with them when they meet with prospective PSYC399 faculty mentors to facilitate the application process.


Independent Study Progress Report (only for two-semester PSYC399s):

Here is the Independent Study Progress Report. The deadline is September 10th, 2019:

This progress report is for research started in the Spring 2019 semester that will be completed in the Fall 2019 semester. This is for students currently enrolled in a 2-semester independent study (PSYC399). Your PSYC399 will not appear on your worksheet on transcript without completion of this report.