R. Arlen Price

Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry

BS, Psychology, Georgia State University;

Ph.D., Psychology, Behavioral Genetics, University of Colorado, Boulder

Office Location: 
Translational Research Labs, 125 South 31st St., Room 2201
Research Interests: 

Behavioral genetics

Research Synopsis:

Research in the Behavioral Genetics Laboratory is focused on the genetics of complex traits, primarily obesity and related diseases, including type-2 diabetes and the metabolic syndrome. The lab has a large archive of DNA, cell lines, and plasma collected from individuals in families segregating obesity and thinness, as well as obese cases and normal weight controls. These materials are being used in linkage and linkage disequilibrium association studies aimed at identifying and characterizing genes influencing common forms of human obesity.

Psychology Graduate Group
Selected Publications: 

Price, RA, Li, W-D, Zhao, H: FTO gene SNPs associated with obesity in cases, controls and extremely discordant sister pairs. BMC Medical Genetics 9: 4, 2008.

Saunders CL, Chiodini B, Sham P, Lewis CM, Collier DA and the BMI-GSMA consortium: Abkevich V, Adeyemo AA, de Andrade M, Arya R, Berenson GS, Blangero J, Borecki IB, Chagnon YC, Chen W, Comuzzie AG, Deng H-W, Duggirala R, Feitosa MF, Froguel P, Hanson RL, Hebebrand J, Huezo-Dias P, Kissebah AH, Li W-D, Luke A, Martin L, Nash M, Öhman M, Palmer LJ, Peltonen L, Perola M, Price RA, Srinivasan SR, Stern MP, Stone SV, Wijmenga C, Wu X: Meta-analysis of genome-wide linkage studies in body mass index and obesity. Obesity 15(9): 2263-2275, Sep 2007.

Dong C., Li WD., Li D., Price RA.: Extreme obesity is associated with attempted suicides: results from a family study. International Journal of Obesity 30(2): 388-90, Feb 2006.

Dong C., Li WD., Geller F., Lei L., Li D., Gorlova OY., Hebebrand J., Amos CI., Nicholls RD., Price RA.: Possible genomic imprinting of three human obesity-related genetic loci. American Journal of Human Genetics 76(3): 427-37, Mar 2005.

Dong C., Li WD., Li D., Price RA.: Interaction between obesity-susceptibility loci in chromosome regions 2p25-p24 and 13q13-q21. European Journal of Human Genetics 13(1): 102-8, Jan 2005.

Malhotra A., Coon H., Feitosa MF., Li WD., North KE., Price RA., Bouchard C., Hunt SC., Wolford JK., The American Diabetes Association GENNID Study Group.: Meta-analysis of genome-wide linkage studies for quantitative lipid traits in African Americans. Human Molecular Genetics 14(24): 3955-62, Dec 15 2005.

Dong C., Sanchez LE., Price RA.: Relationship of obesity to depression: a family-based study. International Journal of Obesity & Related Metabolic Disorders: Journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity 28(6): 790-5, Jun 2004.